new user, impotant question

Hello all. New user, just got my Taz 4 yesterday. Got all 4 corners leveled to a price of paper but if I press Y Home or Main Home the machine makes a horrible noise and vibrates. I removed all 4 red stoppers and have the Z Axis end adjusted by something is obviously wrong. Thank you for any input. Cheers

What software are you using? In Pronterface turn down XY mm/min, perhaps that has an incorrect value (?). Just speculating. Any other details you can provide would be helpful.



Thanks for the reply Jeff. I am using all defaults on Prontface. Right now it is set to XY min/max 300. Z 150.

Also, I have noticed that the head can go past the bed on the right side. Is this normal? This happens when I use the Prontface +X.

I just went +X al the way over and when it gets to the end it makes that sound and vibrates, like its gone past what it is supposed to.

Thanks for any and all help.


Its almost like the bed is out of alignment. Y Home will go all the way back, hit the end and then make that horrible sound and vibrate like crazy. Is there a way to re-align the bed?

X home does a nice little bounce and returns, Y home goes to the end and then noise and vibration. X - axis on the right side goes off the bed by about 1/4 inch. Seems like the bed might be misaligned…but the Y-Axis is more troubling by producing this horrible noise and vibration. Almost like the Y - Axis end does not work. I checked all the connections and they are secure.

As a 3d modeler and animator, I love the idea of being able to create but right now, not impressed.

yeah…figured it out. The one of the pins was not making a connection on the Y - Axis end. Nice easy fix but had me worried for a day!