Newbie cant download Bed_Calibration.gcode

so i got a printer from my buddy , a taz 4(he needed to clean out his office so i got 2 from him for the time being ha) and im trying to set it up for the first time. The problem im having is everytime i click on the download file it opens the gcode in my webpage as text, not as download. What am i doing wrong? This is my first time with 3d printers but im not a newbie when it comes to computers ha, just feeling like a idiot trying out this printer!

You typically want to download a .STL file and generate the .GCODE file from a slicer software with settings for your printer. I’m not familiar with the file your trying to download, but I wouldn’t use it unless its from the lulzbot ftp site and the TAZ 4 is stock.

Best way to level the bed is with dial indicator to get level then a feeler to get the initial nozzle height. Then download a calibration cube from thingiverse as the test print.

I leveled the bed using the paper method as it’s states in the manual. The file I’m trying to download is for lulzbot website and is listed under downloads for the taz 4. It just opens the gcode file and doesn’t save it like I’m assuming it should. I did find the stl file for the octopus and printed that and it turned out pretty good

Right-click on the link, and select “Save As”