Newbie wants to know how to get to CURA on a Mac

I am a newbie to 3D printing. I am looking at purchasing the Lulzbot TAZ 6; however, I am looking for an “on machine” processed (non-cloud) dataset. The idea is to start with a series of JPEG images of an object and to end-up with the STL inputs for CURA.
I am running on a Mac Pro (Mid-2012) with a 2 x 2.4 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon processor, 24 GB of 1333 GHz RAM and 6 TB of disc running under Sierra (Version 10.12.2).
What I am looking for are recommendations of software packages that will process the JPEGs completly on my Mac and ultimately end up with the STL inputs to CURA. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

JPEG is a raster image format. It doesn’t contain any information about lines/boundaries. What does a sample image look like? If it’s possible to turn it into a vector format, you might have a better chance.

Once you have it as a vector format, there’s a couple ways you could do it. How many images/stl are we talking about here?
It would probably be possible to do in code, but it would be a pretty big undertaking.

Do you have to go through the JPEG step? Rather than a series of JPEG images, why not just scan it in a 3D scanner?