next extruder


I am thinking of what my next extruder could be. I know there are different types, and I don’t know a lot about them.
What I would like to do first is research. So any pointers and links are welcome, I am doing my own research but it’s a bit slow because I don’t know the names and types.
So what should I look for in order to inform myself better?

I have a Taz3 with a Budaschnozzle now.
Dual extrusion could also be my next step because I want to print with some sort of soluble support…

Thank you

You should check out our Flexystruder for printing with flexible filament and our upcoming Dual Extruder. We should have them in the next couple of weeks, once the last bit of parts come in.

I am definitely interested in both the Flexy and Dual extruder. Surely lulzbot is my weapon of choice, so I will get those in the coming months.

Nevertheless, I would like to learn some more on extruder types and some of their history. As I understood you guys support libre hardware and open source, so I suppose you would mind giving me some research directions/guidelines
such as-
extruder types, developement history etc…

I want to fully grasp the process, so I need to learn



I know how to use google just give me some general info so that I can start on it

Look into:
Wades extruder
Bowden extruder
Direct drive extruder

Hope this helps!