NinjaFlex and gaskets

One of the big (practical) uses I use the Taz for are for custom dust extraction adapters.

Could NinjaFlex be a good solution for custom gaskets? These would be used to help keep the ductwork as air tight as possible. It would eliminate the need for adhesive foam tape.

Parts similar to the silicon fan gasket I linked below. I’m not looking at the material for anything water tight.

Yes, I’ve printed with Ninjaflex, I think it would be a good material for a gasket. That’s my opinion.

Does it print fine with the standard HE toolhead? I’m debating on having dedicated toolheads for different print styles/filaments.

Yes. ‘“ the HE Tool Head prints a wide range of materials from soft & flexible TPE to durable carbon fiber reinforced filaments.”. I’ve no experience with that tool head. I’ve printed Ninjaflex with the Mini 1’s Flexystruder, Taz 6’s Aerostruder & Dually v3.

With Lulzbot print heads costing over $300 a piece having a dedicated printhead for different filament types isn’t a cost effective solution in my opinion, especially when the filament is pretty easy to swap out. I would more go for that solution for different nozzle sizes since that can be a bit of a chore and a pain, but still, $300 plus? I’ll swap the nozzle out.

It really depends on your needs, a lot of swapping in your routine? Then a dedicated print head might be for you. You should purchase a roll of Ninjaflex, try it out and make a decision from there. Printing with the dual head v3 was nice because I could combine the Ninjaflex filament together with the other plastic I was printing with making a nice solid bond with the two materials.

I print with NinjaFlex quite a bit on my TAZ Workhorse with HE head. It does a really good job. NinjaFlex has a very slow print speed … so it will take a bit longer than expected, but your patience will be rewarded.