NinjaFlex Kitchen Spatula

While I haven’t printed much with my Flexystruder other than small gaskets, I thought I would try to design something useful
and push my ability to print using NinjaFlex material.
I designed the spatula to find out if I could successfully print a very tall but thin object.
A Kitchen Spatula is just such a shape.

This object printed far more successfully than what I was imagining.

I printed the handle out of nGen material.
I assembled the handle to the Spatula using Gorilla Glue.
I found out In previous ninjaflex small projects, that it is very difficult to trim ninjaflex parts cleanly.
With the spatula project, I discovered that If you put the part in the freezer overnight, you can trim and even sand to a certain extent
while the rubber is stiff from the cold.
The only defect was a small gob of material left as the extruder raised up when the print was finished.

It was a fun project.
Software used to design was Sketchup
Slicing software CURA 20.01

A functional, usable thing…made? Cuhrazy.

Clever use of the material. I wonder the capabilities of that stuff.
I’m gonna have to go look at temperature properties on that stuff. Depending…I could come up with a lot of uses for similar items.

Thanks for your kind words.
Testing so far shows the spatula to be Top Rack Dishwasher safe.
I printed the ninjaFlex at nozzle temp. of 230C and bed at 40C.
I have not tried very many small changes to parameters because the defaults for that
material appear to work pretty good.
I liked my wife’s smile when I gave it to her.

To quote Darth Vader, “Impressive”