Ninjaflex on S3D

Does anyone have a working S3D profile for Ninjaflex to share? I’ve tried two approaches and I’m seeing strange results. The first idea was to read through the Cura profile and clone it as best I could. I started to get really thin lines… Then, I cloned my good ABS profile and slowed it down to 30mm/s (vendor recommendation vs. Cura which is 12mm/s).

No matter what I try I’m getting much thinner extrusion than I expect. At first I thought it was too hot at 222 and getting heat creep up the hot end causing jam. I cooled it down to 215 and it’s still happening. I double-checked my e-steps and that’s OK. If I crank up the extrusion multiplier to 1.35 I get decent lines. My nozzle is set at 0.60mm dam with matching width, layer height 0.3.


I’m also seeing some blobbing when the extrusion starts. I tinkered with a negative “extra restart distance” but that didn’t clear it up.

I also noticed that Cura had the retraction speed clocked way down at 10mm/s. I’m assuming the Ninjaflex doesn’t like to be pushed/pulled too fast.

It melts slower, so you have push/pull slower. You also need to have a fairly tall layer. I use 15-20MM/sec print speed, temp - 224C, and about a .4 MM height for a .5MM nozzle. YMMV.

Or at least that is some of what was imparted to me last year. :laughing:

Left most was printed just 6 C higher but can see the difference. Right is SemiFlex, all with same speed and extrude/retract settings.