Nozzle buried itself in felt pad at end of clean stage.

On my fourth print and at the end of the wipe / clean stage the nozzle tip buried itself into the plastic felt pad holder then it tried to move forward but was good and grounded so it didn’t go anywhere. :unamused: Not sure if it was something I did or stl file or…??? Had it on default high quality HIPS setting. :wink:

I just started another print and all went well. What do you recommend to clean the tip with? Seem to have a little felt pad holder plastic melted to it.

If there is fuzz on the nozzle tip, clean it off with the tweezers.

10-4 Thanks. So will a fuzzy / dirty tip drive it down into the cleaning station?

No, the fuzzy tip wont drive it down into the nozzle cleaner, but if there is a lot on it, it can stop the bed leveling.

Any guess why this happen? I had Cura loaded with quick settings. This was my first and last attempt at HIPS High print quality. I just ordered a new felt holder for $12. Is there not a stl file we could buy a little cheaper and print our own part?

I think the stl for the felt holder is on the USB stick that comes with the Mini.

Thanks. I’ll take a look.

This might be it as well.

Bang on!

Hi GunZ,
I imagine this would either be caused by canceling a print or sending a gcode command during the wiping, or if you opened another Pronterface window in Cura or had some kind of connectivity interference. Otherwise the only thing that would cause it in the Gcode itself is changing the Start Gcode commands. Notice anything odd like that?

Thanks for your reply Printdaddy. To be honest most of what you typed reads Greek to me :blush: However the little green machine has not failed me since. Lets mark it down to operator error or ghost in the machine. I’m good with either or :wink: