Nozzle goes too low when cleaning

Hi folks,

I am a newbie at this but am learning quickly and finding the 3D print world fascinating. I’ve had my Lulzbot Mini for a month now and it has worked fairly well. One problem I have though is when it does the cleaning at the start of a print, it seems the nozzle goes too low into the cleaning pad. The cleaning pad gets rapidly “roughed up” and the nozzle starts a print job with tons of fuzz on it. How often should I be changing the cleaning pad? Right now, it seems like I have to change it after about 5 print jobs. Any advice appreciated.

You can find an excellent thread regarding this exact concern here:
In general you want the toolhead to press pretty firmly into the wipe pad to effectively clean away filament build up but if you have to swap it every 5 prints that is definitely a bit outside normal range. Could we see a photo of the wipe pad when you are switching it out? They can take a fair amount of abuse before they need to be flipped over or swapped out.