Nylon Printer Enclosure

The enclosure I bought for $80 to prevent warping requires 14 hours of parts to print that warp like crazy without an enclosure. Great purchase.

Let me guess, the wool beanie on the store is actually a sheep and an ebook on knitting.


It doesn’t come with the green thing? HUh, after looking at the description in the link If I had bought that I’d probably be annoyed too. It does mention “customize your enclosure by printing the required parts” but its buried in a subsection and not visible unless you expand that area. That large green curved object is going to be a pain for most printers that aren’t mine to print too. I’d recommend a redesign for that, possibly make it smaller and use 2 pieces of 20mm extrusion. That and change the description to be a bit clearer on what is and isn’t included.

That being said, $10 for an actual sheep would be a pretty good deal!