Octolapse Profile for Lulzbot Mini?

I was wondering, has anyone tried to create a Octolapse Profile for the Lulzbot Mini?
Will Octolapse even work with the Lulzbot Mini?
The default install of the Octolapse plugin on my Ocotprint has a Lulzbot Taz 6 beta profile, and I guess I can try creating one, but I’m just not quite well versed at what the settings would be…

Well I have been using one for a couple months now I think, so Octolapse must work with the Mini. But I just threw a profile together from the settings for the machine in Cura for speeds and such.

Can someone post their config?

I’ll try to get it committed to github.


I have one in my current Octolapse version I am using.

There’s only one for the Taz in the repo. https://github.com/FormerLurker/Octolapse/search?utf8=✓&q=lulzbot&type=

If you see one, it’s might be because you modified another profile’s name and saved it.

If you go to Settings>Plugins>Octolapse>Download Settings and post that I’ll try to get it added.

No, it had some one else’s name on it. But anyway, here is the settings file zipped up. I just created a time-lapse with it yesterday and it seemed to work fine, and the video played great.

I am not sure but this could be the yet to be released Beta version I have on that Pi.
Settings.zip (9.28 KB)