Octoprint - LulzBot Mini Axes Settings

Hey gang. I know the settings are noted in other threads, but I’ve seen 2 different set of values posted in the forums. Can anyone confirm what the recommended Lulzbot settings are for Axes? Here’s one I found:

X 6000 mm/min Invert control
Y 6000 mm/min Invert control (Yes)
Z 200 mm/min Invert control
E 300 mm/min

I slowed mine down a lot from that – no need for high speed manual travel IMO; it just makes accidents more likely.

2000mm/min for X and Y (and invert Y), Z remains at 200, and E is only 100mm/min (and even then I use the slider to slow it to 75% – which still feeds the filament a bit faster than I’d like so I should probably drop that even further (keep in mind that if you are manually extruding, faster feed rates require more heat, and there’s only so much heat available from the default hot-end to melt the incoming plastic))

Thx for the feedback.