Ok, the wheels have come off the bus...

In trying to get my TAZ back to printing the way it was when I got it, I’ve been following calibration guides and such to make sure it’s spot on. The calibration on this thing is nailed as far as I can tell.


I’ve run the octopus.gcode file a few times and I’ve noticed that it appears that there’s something going on that results in offset tool paths.

I tried printing the large drive gear from the download site (http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/hardware/printed_parts/herringbone_large_gear/). I sliced it using the .35 draft config setting in Slic3r.

Here’s what it started out like: (I stopped the print as soon as I noticed what was going on.)

What can I do to fix this?


It looks like you are skipping steps. The speed settings in Repetier-Host may be too high, switch to Pronterface to test. What speeds are you using in Slic3r, what speeds in RH?

I think that looks more like a loose belt or something.


the host software (repetier or pronterface) does not limit the speed when the machine is run from G-code…The firmware is all that limits it when it gets a G-code command. You can easily prove this by typing in the command “G1 X200 F50000” or similar, and even if the host software is set to only go at 5mm/min, the machine will still run as fast as the g-code commanded it to (or it will try at least).


type in:

M203 X192 Y208 Z4

in the command line, and hit enter. (this limits the speed of the printer so it cannot stall the motors, even if the G-code commands it to)

Then try printing it again. If it still looks bad, a belt is slipping or something is physically loose.

I would also double check your pulleys aren’t moving, you want one of the set screws to be tightened all the way against the flat part of the shaft on the stepper motor for both x and y

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The one grub screw on the Y axis pulley was loose and one screw is missing.

What size replacement do I need to track down?

Thanks guys!