Only infill after a few layers

My mini with lulzbot cura with PLA is printing a few layers less than okay then resorts to only printing the infill. Any ideas? I’ve replaced the nozzle, glass, PEI, and calibrated the z offset. The fail happens at the same spot regardless of the temp. I’ve also greased the Z screws.

First, greasing the Z screws is a bad idea. The grease attracts dust (like that created by melting and depositing filament) which could cause problems in the future.

Second, I doubt that your printer is only printing infill. Are you printing from SD or directly from CuraLE? If you are printing directly from CuraLE, please save the gcode file to disk first. Upload the .stl and the .gcode files here and we can examine them to make sure everything is there.

I just came across this thread and have no problems currently but do worry about the dust, etc. What’s your favorite grease for the Z screws.

My favorite grease for the Z screws is none. I periodically clean them with compressed air.

When is it time to replace the Z lead screw nuts? My Z screws keep getting a black film on them during every travel in both directions. I got some vibration going on during some travel not too far off the bed, and it keeps going out of level on the X axis. Yeah, I think it’s time!