opah longblock hotend parts?

I was very impressed by the images associated with the Opah prototype high flow hotend:


This is exactly what I need to speed up the printing of prosthetic sockets that we are doing in Africa. For more on our work see http://www.niatech.org.

I went through the parts listed in the BOM for the Opah and saw the ref to the Longblock Hexagon Hotend, Lulzbot Edition, 3.0mm Filament, 0.8 or 1.2mm nozzle. I checked out reprapdiscount to see if this is available - but no listing.

Does any one know (Jebba?) if this part can be sourced? We are currently running with .6 nozzles (.48 layer) but I would love to try 1 or even 1.2. The faster we can print the sockets, the more children we can fit. Plus, we have done material testing with the larger layer sizes and have found increased tensile and yield strengths.



I have no idea if the parts for the long hexagon are available, but if you can’t get them you could have a look at the e3D vulcano hot end. It’s the “same” thing, but already existing.