Overshoot on Corners

Can anyone explain the apparent overshoot printed on the corners of my parts? It would seem that when the printhead slows to change directions, the plastic continues to feed at the same rate. Is there a cure for this? I’m using the most current versions of Slic3r and Repetier and am printing with ABS.

Most of the time corner bulging can be eliminated by fine tuning the acceleration settings in the firmware (kind of advanced #define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION {2000,2000,100,10000} // X,Y,Z,E adjust x, y from there up or down) or by using concentric infill on some parts. Alternatively, you may want to slow down the perimeter speeds a little bit to see if that solves the issue.

I try to to radius all corners in my designs to help eliminate this. But if you need a super sharp corner, that may not help.

Some if this is mechanical though, as the corner only overshoots on one side…the travel side (looks like it was printing counter clockwise on your parts). slowing down the print (by adjusting the acceleration, or other means) is about the most that can be done for that. Sometimes tightening the belts can help too…but even professional machines don’t give perfect corners.