Overture PETG profile Dec 2020

A few months back, I had to take a break from my Taz5 Dual Ext V3. I was getting too frustrated from rarely a successful print.
So now, I’m going to try again. I put a better fan on and have purchased Overture PETG.
I searched the forum for a profile and I found one, but Cura wouldn’t accept it saying “Unable to import legacy profile. Multi extrusion is not supported”. Not sure what that means. Any clues?
or More importantly, does anyone have a Cura profile for overture PETG that they are happy with and willing to share. Trying to get my sea legs again after a too long hiatus.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers and hope everyone is safe.


I have had real good results on my mini 2 with overture PETG. 240 ºC nozzle, 85 ºC bed, with no fan. Keep the outer shell speed down a little for better surface appearance. Just got some Magigoo bed adhesive, it is unbelievable! Let part cool to room temp & part just pops right off. Also works with PLA.