Parts missing in Mini2


Has anyone noticed missing bolts/screws in their mini 2 print head assembly? I’ve emailed support a few times without a reply. We had filament stuck almost immediately after the new printer arrived. Eneded up having to take the print head off to remove it.

When we did that we noticed missing screws on the print head (there are 3 screws to mount the print head - ours had only two) and in other spots on the print head there were bolts in which some had washers and some didn’t…

Maybe we got a printer that was assembled late on a friday? IDK. having some trouble with it. Right now its saying something like failed to level X axis and we are trying to sort that out.

You might try to phone support. Their number is listed in the “Contact Us” page of the website.

I had a printer that showed up missing the print-head cover (a cosmetic part … it has no functional purpose other than hiding the wiring, etc.) and they mailed one to me.

As for “failed to level X axis”… I’ve not run into that.

You can check section 7 on this page:

Section 6 on this page describes where the wire harness connects to the main board. You could check this if perhaps the wiring managed to come loose during shipping.