PEI sheet price and shipping

I trashed my PEI sheet and need to replace it. When I went to l;ulzbot the price was 45 and the shipping was $25!!! The sheet weighs almost nothing and makes no sense to charge that much to ship. I went to MatterHackers who priced it at 45 and free shipping. Needless to say I bought it from MatterHackers.

Why is the shipping so crazy for that part at Lulzbot?

The fee is usually listed as shipping and handling so I guess LulzBot handles it more than MatterHackers :slight_smile:

bought mine on a roll… 6 inch wide by 5 metres… and change from £10

ok for me as I rarely print wider than 6 inches

I use gizmodorks I got three for 25 and free shipping. Works a charm and a great price to boot. Amazon carries it.

I ordered a 12" x 12" sheet from Amazon for $12. Has worked great so far, much better than the PET that came on my TAZ4.

Thanks for pointing this out. A recent update to the shipping quotation algorithm caused this to pull the wrong price. It has been fixed.

OMG… Great. A rapid response and fix. Thanks!

But could you list shipping & handling EARLIER in the checkout process? PLEASE!

It’s lame for the S&H to be hidden until after the Seller gets all your info. To me, it’s the sellers way to spam you just for looking.

Open Source company not being transparent?
Make sense?

Great, glad we could help. There are other products we noticed that may have been messed up and are working on those now.

And good news! We have a brand new website we are working on to handle this exact customer feedback we have received.

We are very much an open source company which means we publish our design files. You can find them on and We also hold many OSHWA certifications for our products.

Let us know at if you have any other questions we may be able to help with.

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