Phantom additions to objects

Hello all,

I’m very new to 3-D printing and .stl but wanted to see if i could get help with an issue.

A colleague designed an object using TinkerCAD, and when we uploaded and printed the object, there were some shapes added in to the design that were not visible in the original design.

I am attaching pictures of the object in CURA. Any suggestions or feedback would be very helpful. The shapes between the H and the D are what i’m looking at.

I am also attaching the .stl file. I ran it through the Netfabb file fixer, and it still had the same issue.

holiday tree_fixed.stl (119 KB)
holiday 1.JPG

It’s not CURA, the original .stl file has those objects. Just go back into Tinkercad and clean it up. Sometimes closing and re-opening the project makes them go away. I’ve ran into weird artifacts like that, probably related to the text generator. Try deleting the text, then re-create it.

+1 on the potential for the text generator being the culprit. Yesterday, I had a detailed TinkerCAD project get wasted after I had a failure uploading a font for text. Completely corrupted it.

thank you, i’ll pass it on!