Pico hot end on TAZ 5

I tried to install a Pico hotend on my single extruder and got the head to glow a nice cherry red. The Pico hot end with a 12V heater and non functioning thermistor shoots lots of smoke from the nozzle :slight_smile: I also only get an ADC count of 1019 so far. The thermistor may have been cooked along with several other print head parts. That was with Pico;s updated thermistor for 500C . Im stuck right now with no firmware for the flexydually and no hot end for the single extruder. The ADC values were added to the M105 command by changes to configadv.h .And the thermistor profile to thermistortemps.h. I’ll nake a post on proper changes when I can get a new thermisttor. With a 24V heater the hot end was melting ABS but thermistor values were constant. Are the thermistor leads 0-5V ? Or do I need to compensate for 24V there too.

The flexydually insert says to go to OHAI KIT for installation and calibration quides, but of course they are not there. Please change the insert to says use the dual extruder setup and modify it for TAZ 5. I’m pretty good and I can’t figure it out from available posts etc. I did find a posted .hex file for firmware but that is hard to modify :slight_smile:

I think I wired the termistor as a fan :slight_smile: My bad