PID Bed Heat - Firmware Question

My Mini is from the “Daffodil” production run. The firmware delivered with the machine, and that for the “Euphorbia” version that followed, both use PID control for the heated bed. Specifically, this line is in present in configuration.h:

In looking at the current firmware (Foxglove and Gladiolia), that line is commented out. As I understand it, that disables PID control of the heated bed in favor of the “on/off” or “bang bang” control. Specifically, that same line in configuration.h looks like this:
//#define PIDTEMPBED

Looking at the BOM files, all models (Daffodil through Gladiola) use the same bed heater (NPH PC-BD0029). Daffodil used MiniRAMbo 1.1a, all the others (including Euphorbia, where PIDTEMPBED is also disabled) use MiniRAMBo 1.1b.

So I am wondering if Aleph Objects made this change because of a problem discovered with PID bed control, or because they found the bang-bang method was superior in some way, or because of some other wiring/BOM change in later models which make it not applicable to my Daffodil version.

Bottom line, my question is…
What is the best bed temp control method for my Daffodil-era Mini, PID or bang-bang?
Gladiola Configuration.h (35 KB)
Daffodil Configuration.h (32.5 KB)
Euphorbia Configuration.h (32.5 KB)
FoxGlove Configuration.h (35 KB)