Pimple free printing

Hi, Been researching about the pimples, warts and blobs, and seams on prints and how to reduce them… temp too hot,layers ,jog speed, and on and on and they say you have to live with them … well don’t ask me why but extruded some pla measured it and came up with .63mm out of a .5mm nozzle so last ditch effort I changed all my settings that were .5mm tip related to .6mm and so far am seeing a big difference…pictures show 4 different prints before fix with pimples and two prints after fix one printed at fast and one at standard…a little separation in a few spots so I turned up the temp a little…I’m using Inland 2.85mm pla from microcenter $14.00 turned the heat down to 186-190 deg… I’ll do a few more tomorrow and see…benchy was before the fix…looks like the pictures start with the best to the rest

lost benchy for a moment

Is called die swell. Measuring the diameter that free flows out of the nozzle does nothing of value.

I wonder why my last prints look pretty good then…must be I got lucky for once I guess it’s back to unacceptable prints again…with zits and all … sorry nothing helps!

So, you decided to keep the printer?