Platter Belt migrates to far right side of tensioner

I received my AO-101 printer yesterday. I must say, incredible job on the packing, instructions, and mechanical design. My only complaint is the fan produces an annoying tone. So after playing around with the calibration pattern and the 100mm cross, I jumped into printing the cover for the 120mm fan. It is currently printing. So far, so good. The fan is the only thing that has not delighted me with this design. But it is a good starter project to correct myself.

However, I noticed the belt for the platter insists on migrating to the right side of the front tensioner. The side of the belt is rubbing against the side of the fixture. Which long term seems like a problem. I was able to coax it back to the center with some pressure on the side. But it worked its way back to the right.

So two questions.

  1. Is this really a problem?
  2. How to correct it?

BTW, I think the tensioner is a really slick design.

You are probably fine. But you could adjust it by loosening the pulley on the Y motor and lining it up with the belt where you want it. There is a small set screw in the pulley.

I actually ended up moving the front idler assembly to the right.

It was an easy matter to loosen the two bolts at the bottom of the frame and slide the whole assembly over. Kudos for including the tool kit with the necessary sized Allen wrench. The belt still walks back and forth but all the movement is on the pulley now.