Please advise once Budaschnozzle 2.0 ships from Canada...

Hello Lulzbot guys,

Could you give a shout here when the Buda 2.0 is ready to ship from Toronto? No rush, I can wait, I just want a spare hot end as it was suggested to me. Actually once I have a v2.0 in hands the v1.1 on my AO-100 will for sure end as the spare. :wink:


They are actually in Canada already, they are just waiting to be processed by the warehouse. This takes a day or two.



Cool! I’ll wait early next week then and order the hot end and the filament together. :slight_smile:


Off topic: will you have spare Buda 1.1-1.3 parts in TO as well?

It looks like we only have the Budaschnozzle 1.1-1.3 heater block in stock in Toronto at this time. We try to keep everything in all three warehouses. Most of the other spare parts are in stock in the US and the UK.


The heater block is what I wanted. Mostly it’s for aesthetic reasons. :blush: I slightly damaged my heater block when removing the nozzle because the 18mm wrench only fit the first 5mm. I had to use an adjustable wrench. I measured the heater block with a caliper and it is 18.3mm wide. It seems it expanded under the heat. It’s still fully functional though.

Edit: I see the Buda 2.0 has finally been processed in Toronto! Cool! :slight_smile:

Placed my order on the Buda 2.0 and 2 reels of ABS! :smiley:

Nice, thanks. :slight_smile:

Got my shipment today! Man that was fast! :smiley:

Now I need to finish designing my upgrades and print them before I can install it. :nerd: