Polycarbonate Reels

Hi there;

I’m about to purchase a Lulzbot Mini, and I know that the material I want to print with is polycarbonate. Went to order both the printer and the filament on the Lulzbot website, but saw that the polycarbonate was out of stock. I did find another 3mm polycarbonate reel at the following website (MatterHackers):


Bed and Extrusion temperatures seem to line up correctly, but I just wanted to confirm that this reel can fit in the Lulzbot Mini and could successfully print using this brand’s polycarbonate?

Please advise, thank you.

Assuming the quality is decent, it should be able to print. The higher temperature fillaments do require a bit of skill to print correctly, and I have no idea what type of base they adhere best to. Matterhackers seems to have a mixed reputation, but from what I have seen most of that derives from their politics rather than their fillament quality.

I would advise against their low cost filament. The pro filament has given me good results. I have only used their ABS and PLA.

I know nothing of their politics.