Post Your Best Quality Print Setting

Hello Everyone,
I am always trying to improve the quality of my prints with the software with out reinventing the wheel. Speed isn’t to much of an issue for me typically. I would rather have much better printer and wait another hour and half or so. So I was hoping I could get some of peoples top notch settings. :smiley:

Here’s some of mine. Ther Point5MM_Brim configuration is my general go to configuration for keeper parts. The HQ version of that requires a very dialed in machine to pull off. I don’t have the .35mm nozzle operational yet so I don’t have profiles for those available.

I have an updated firmware for the AO-100 RAMPS 1.4 controller as well if you want to play with it. It’s configured for use with the 160mm Z height mod but thats easy enough to alter if needed.
Point5mm_brim_HQ_config.txt (3.11 KB)
Point5mm_brim__90%Infill_Support_config.txt (3.11 KB)
Point5mm_brim_config.txt (3.11 KB)

At our makerspace we have our AO-101 Slic3r configurations posted on Github: Your printer will need to be rather dialed in for the fast/fine configurations. The 0.9.10b Medium configurations are a bit more forgiving.