print freeze

we have a brand new TAZ 6. Last night we tried a print for 19 hours and it froze mid print at about 10 hours in. just flat out froze. fans still running, bed and nozzle still hot. no errors on the display. we were printing from the SD card. it was printing perfectly until then. any solutions?

I had scenario like this and it took me a bit to figure out. Not sure if this is your problem or not but it sounds just the same.

Is the table it is sitting on ROCK stable? I was using what I thought was a good solid table but I found that if I leaned on the table to bend over and peer at the print job it would cause the bench top to flex a little under my weight and the job would freeze. That happened twice. I told myself I would not lean on the bench anymore but like flipping a light switch when the power is off you just do it!

Then one time while a job was running I noticed a piece of tape was stuck to the table top and I was picking it off. I made the table shake a little and bang, job stopped.

I moved the printer out to a really, really sturdy workbench in the garage and never had the problem again. Then it started getting cold in the garage so I bought a nice looking but very stable stainless steel cooking table from Amazon and put it the spare bedroom and still have never had the problem again. (I bought that tables because reviews said “STABLE”

I have a friend with kids and a el-cheapo printer and his kids were bumping the table and stopping his jobs as well.