Print starts, before printing the skirt, even though skirt is selected

I’ve downloaded some files from Thingiverse, but even though I’ve selected to create a skirt, it’s not printing the skirt, and going straight into printing the item, causing quality issues with the print.

Please can someone help with this.

Need more information, things you can include like the gcode, model, screenshots of your print settings, screenshots of what cura thinks it is slicing, what printer you are using with which tool head, and what type of filament you are using.


Quite a lot of the information I gave when I raised the item. The printer is a Taz Workhorse, with the standard print head SE 0.5m

Attached is a copy of the SLT file I’m trying to print.

Thanks for your help with this,


Vive_DAS_Adapter_for_Oculus_Quest_2_-_Curved_Closed_Left.stl (429 KB)

Just a reminder that this is the user forums and while I may have access to LulzBot Support reports, everyone else looking at this post does not. The most helpful thing would be able to look at the gcode, in there we can see the commands that are given directly to the printer so that we can verify there is a skirt being printed.