Print Stuck to surface...

I have had some tough ones to remove but this is crazy. I used the light sanding technique I read here to keep edges from warping…worked great but now I CANNOT get the print off. I used some isopropyl alcohol along edges…etc and she won’t budge. This is fairly flat with full contact coverage at .25-.75 inches tall and 8 x 6 inches wide.

I got it…I heated the bed back up and was able to get it released that way. It finished last night so I just turned everything off and left it on the plate until this morning. I thought it cooling would help it come off…but nope. The reverse…heating plate back up got it free.

Well done. I usually leave my bed temp holding at 45-50° C for removal and that works well. I have also reheated the bed to 50-60° C after being off to remove a print. Another tip I picked up here is to pour a very small amount of alcohol around the edge of print, specially a large flat print, and let it seep under the edges, and that will release the print in most cases. But if you do that, be careful and stand by with a rag to keep any alcohol from running off the edges of the bed. You don’t want the alcohol to contact any electronic or wires.