Printed dimensions exactly out by 0.5mm

If I draw an object to specific measurements, it will print out perfectly sized except there is always exactly an extra 0.5mm skin on every surface.

I.e. If I print a 5mm cube, it will come out at 6mm (since there is 0.5mm added to each face either side).

I’m thinking this might be a slicer problem rather than a hardware issue? I’m using the stock cura profile for the mini.

My extruder esteps are calibrated spot on per the ohai instructions. If I print a stick with 2 notches exactly 140mm apart - they will be 140mm apart.

How do I get rid of this 0.5mm skin?

Hmm… .5mm seems like quite a bit… It sounds like overextrusion. Try reducing the flow rate / multiplier to 95%.

The correct way to cure this is through calibration of the extruder. But the flow rate / multiplier will help with issues stemming from the filament.