Printed wrong dimension

I set up a small pulley to print 15 mm in diameter and 10 mm thick. In the prepare mode it shows a 3D picture of the pulley correctly. Also in the Monitor mode. I duplicated the model to get 3 additional copies.

It printed for a while and then finished and retracted the head. But the pulley was only about 3 mm thick.

Also I noticed something I hadn’t seen in the past. Before printing it did the usual wiping of the nozzle and then went to the first corner of the build plate and did its touch routine, then back to wiping the nozzle again, and then back to the touch routine on the four corners.

Mostly concerned about why it stopped printing at 3 mm. Layers are set at .18mm which gives a better print than the .38 it defaulted at when I first got it.

Tried printing again and after about 5 minutes the printer just stopped at 22%

I cleaned the bed real good and tried printing again. This time they printed but still only 3 mm high rather than 10mm