Printer is extruding VERY SLOW

I was doing a print that was estimated to last around 2 hours. About halfway through I paused the printer, then resumed an hour later. Now the extruder is running very slow. I cooled everything down and rebooted to see if that would help, but after starting it up again, it is still taking 20 seconds to do a 5mm manual extrude. I pulled out the filament, then inserted it back in and make sure I could push enough of it through that nothing should be stuck, so I don’t think that is the issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you running the right temp for material your using? Is it new filemant or when that you have been using for a while, different mfg have slightly different melting points. You could also have a partially clogged nozzle, mine did that then stopped completely once, luckily it was ABS and I was able to unclog it pretty easily with acetone soaking of the parts. Also check you hobbed bolt for it being filled with plastic shavings, push the filemant through by hand, if it moves pretty easily through the heated nozzle maybe you don’t have enough turns on the filemant tension bolts.

Thank you for the information. It turns out that in Pronterface, there is a setting that for ABS should be at 300 mm/min, and for some reason mine got switched to 10. The one change made all the difference.

I completely forgot about that setting. I stopped using Prontoface a while ago, switched to Repetier-Host. The interface is much better and you can see your part in 3d.

If you encounter slowness on a print after unpausing a print, it can also be related to the firmware’s “lookahead” function. Usually after it completes the current layer it will resume the normal speed.