Printer tip - keeping that failed piece stuck to the bed

I was printing a full TAZ bed worth of clock parts, and there was one piece in particular I really should have printed with a Brim, but I didn’t. it was going to detatch early on, and I was already 10 layers in to a fairly long print. So, to at least give the plastic something to stick to in the generally correct location, I taped the edges of the piece that was failing down with Scott Satin Finish Gift Wrap Tape. The tape sticks to the bed quite well, and then much to my suprise proceeded to shrink and pull the part back down flush with the bed well enough that printing could continue uninterrupted. I expect I will have to reprint that one particular piece, but it beats having to scrap the whole tray and start over that far in.

That’s a clever idea!

Great to know, Ive had the same situation before but used abs cement to tack it down temporarily.
Off topic tip:
If you add circles in the corners of your model 10-40mm dia. with a 0.4mm height, it treats these “mick mouse ears” as perimeters and sticks more effectively, plus the post production is way easier.