Printing replacement parts for TAZ

I am wanting to print a replacement herringbone gear set for my TAZ 4, just as a backup. I am finding multiple iterations of the gears on the supplied memory card, and all the gcode set up for the .5mm nozzle. The one large herringbone .stl file I have tried to use and modify the slic3r setup for my .35mm nozzle will not slice properly. Apparently the file is corrupt. Where can I find the current FreeCAD or .stl files for this gear set that actually work?

Oh, and what other parts are recommended to have as spares while the printer is still in a condition to print them?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Large Herringbone and Small Herringbone. Right click the files you want and Save Link As…

Thank you Redd. Big help.

Can anyone tell me what the correct infil percentage should be to get sufficiently strong replacement parts for TAZ without wasting plastic for no benefit? I am currently working on extruder gears and body as I understand those tend to wear out first. I’m using the medium ABS configuration at .21 layer height. Thanks for any help!

Get the g-code… should have all the factory infill, layer heights, extrusion temps all used at the factory.

When in doubt for strength, More infill is almost always better. If your printer or filliament isn’t completely 100% dialed in and calibrated, trying 100% infil may result in overextrusion, but 85% is a good starting place for really strong parts.