Printing SE Head Blower Duct v2

How is the Lulzbot factory printing the Blower Duct with no supports. The distance to bridge is way too long!

Are you using ABS? I’ve been printing a bunch of factory parts for a mini i just got, I’ve been importing the gcode files into Cura, and printing those with really good success. I am using Cromastrand ABS which is what they use as well so it makes it easy.

Hello Iggy,

Thanks for the response! I haven’t tried anything yet because the bridge to close is so large that is doesn’t seem feasible. We are talking over an inch.

Totally! I should have mentioned that I’ve printed out 3 so far using the same material and gcode without problems. I had a issue printing one on my own with some problems. Then I loaded their Gcode in cura and used the same orientation for the top layers with the bridges and it printed just fine.

How did you remove the supports?

I didn’t print supports.

wow, so it bridged that huge gap! Amazing!!

Ok, I am going to try with PLA right now as I dont have any ABS on hand.

Just don’t use the Gcode if you use PLA since ABS prints at higher temperature.

Do you know which one it is?

I’m not 100% sure but I think one is for the mini and M2 is code for the mini 2.

Thanks a bunch for your help!