Printing with 1.75 without any mods

Just wanted to share and I don’t know if anyone else posted this but I’ve been searching for a mod to be able to print with 1.75 filament without any major changes. And after looking and looking I saw somewhere that it works just by inserting a capricorn tube right in the hole all the way down into the hot end as far as it will go. And up top you cut it right under the metal bearing. Then you just stick your 1.75 in the tube and it will get pushed down. And sure enough. Been printing for 2days without a clog. Got the duall extruder set up with one of the normal 2.88 and the other 1.75. Here is a picture of how I positioned the tube.


What is a capricorn tube?

A name brand tube with a tight tolerance. Tighter tolerance than your typical ptfe tube.

Do you use the same size nozzle (0.5mm)?

Yeah. Petg is the only one I can’t finish a print. It clogs. But did a 5hiur print last night with pla and fell asleep. I normally monitor in case it clogs I can save it. So when I woke up thought for sure in 5hiura it had to clog. But woke up to a perfect shroud for my new corexy. And also noticed that it does better with the white cheap tubing or with nothing than it does with the capricorn. Because the capricorn is so precise that any bump or imperfection will cause a clog but the cheap stuff isn’t so precise 1. 75 so you have more wiggle room with those.

Thanks for the reply.
Do you think it would work with dual extruder v3.1?
Picture attached.


Probably. I’m doing it with dual extruder v 2.

I like the bed you have. I just put a brand new 1mm thick pei on mine but still need to add abs juice so the corners don’t bend upwards. And I ordered the whambam pei, gecko print sheet, a sheet of garolite and the creality steel flexplate with the smooth pei like prusa and one with the rough pei and the buildtek flex plate emty to glue the whambam pei and garolite sheets to make it Double-sided and see which works best I’ll use one one Taz one on the corexy and one flexplate on the ratrig IDEX I’m also building.

No offense buddy it but that is way over my head…

Lol. Over mine also. Didn’t realize what I was getting myself into with 2builds at the same time and both are hard builds with a lot of calibrating with the IDEX having 2 sepeeate hit ends on one x axis and the corexy. Still haven’t finished them. Lol.