Printing with Ultem

Wondered if anyone else had successfully printed with Ultem on their Taz? (I just did)

'course I had to do a few modifications to do it:
upgraded Hexagon head with a B3 thermistor
added an enclosure (and moved the microprocessor out)
modified print head to include a aluminum sheet heat shield to prevent sag of ABS extruder mount (and pic shows I printed a new PEI extruder mount that won’t sag)

Very nice!

So you printed ultem on an ultem bed? What did you do to prevent a permanent bond to the bed?

The bed heater was set at 145 C and I didn’t have too much of a problem removing it. I admit I was worried, but I have been able to take them off with a nice thin spatula tool.

One other modification I did make was to use 40 mil PEI as my print bed surface (instead of the stock Lulbot PEI). I have had to sand some spots occasionally because of too-good adhesion.

I have some kapton tape to experiment with, but haven’t tried yet.

Would some glue stick act as a release agent.

I don’t know…

Many of my initial prints on the PEI did not stick well (especially of larger parts) and getting the bed level and at the correct position is critical for making sure it doesn’t start warping mid-print.

Cool experiment! If you don’t mind, what were the settings you used? Temps, shells, infill, layer thickness, nozzle diameter, First layer height? Are you running a chamber heater, if so what temp? Thanks so much.