Printing Wood Grain: Heating Failed

Humm, I used to be able to print wood graining with but I just can’t get it to work without the printer (Taz 6 w/ Merlin) refusing to start with a Heating failed message. It seems in the past that I could print and get great results even if the Heating failed message showed on Taz. Suggestions?


Name: Wood

Info: Vary the print temperature troughout the print to create wood rings with some printing material such as the LayWoo. The higher the temperature, the darker the print.

author = ‘Jeremie Francois (’
date = ‘$Date: 2016/01/01 19:11:14 $’
license = ‘GNU Affero General Public License

My usage:

$ python --min 185 --max 280 -f new-lamp-top2.gcode

How does the gcode file look after you run the post-processing script?