Probe Failed on FlexyDualy V2 Extruder

I’m having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with my extruder head. I just got this and followed the guide to install this new head, but whenever i try to print anything it would give me Probe failed error.

The main things that can cause a probe failed error are having a dirty nozzle or washers, or the x-axis being out of level. We recommend cleaning the nozzle with non-conductive scotchbrite pads, when the extruder is heated. You want to be careful not to burn yourself when cleaning the nozzle on it. If the nozzle and washers are nice and clean, you should take a tape measure and measure from the top of the upper smooth rod that the tool head sits on, to the top of the frame on both the right and left sides. You want this number to be the same on both side, otherwise it can cause the the nozzle to not quite touch down on the leveling washers.

If you find out the x-axis is not level, you can adjust it by rotating the small couplers at the bottom of the threaded rods, located inside of the green 3D printed part. You will want to make sure to have the power turned off on the printer when adjusting these, or have the motors disabled through Cura.