Probing failure

I’m trying to print with my Taz 6 and the printer won’t move past the wiping & homing phase. After several iterations of rewiping, I get the following error: “Probing failed PRINTER HALTED Please reset”.

I have already gone through this trouble-shooting procedure to no avail:

Any suggestions?

Where does it fail? Which washer?
I assume your nozzle is clean?

Re-level your X axis.
Manually move your print head to the left side
With a piece of paper on the bed Move the print head Down until you feel resistance on the paper. Now move your print head up 10mm, then move it all the way over to the right side.
If you move the print head down again 10mm (move down in 1mm steps not 10) and you feel the same resistance on the paper your x axis is level. If there’s a difference, manually turn the Z-rod as needed. This however, will throw the left side off slightly and will need re-adjusted. Repeat this process until even or very close to even.

Mine would fail on the 2nd washer even though the probe test would pass with a quick tap on the washer. Visually it looked like a successful test. I slight re-adjustment of the z-rods got me going again.

Thanks for the response. It fails after the first washer. Yes, my nozzle is clean.

I tried re-leveling the X-axis using your suggestion. It was off by less than half a mm. But even after making this adjustment I still get the same failure after the 1st washer. Any other suggestions?

Clean the nozzle AND washers with rubbing alcohol (with power off). Try again. If still fails shoot a video of this and upload it.

Check the electrical connections to the printhead. One may be loose, unplug and plug to reseat. Check any wires screwed to the heat sink. When the nozzle touches the washer, an electrical circuit is completed. I have a Pro and check the nozzle with an ohmmeter.