Probing of 4 washers Problem

After Leveling X-Axis and starting print the probing of all four washers during bed leveling process is pushing WAY down at each corner. Then Z-height is no longer in sync.

After seeing this in several print attempts, I installed CURA 3.6.8 and firmware The problem remains.

Have worked with this wonderful printer for almost a year. Many perfect prints. Since trying to print polycarbonate at high plate and nozzle temperatures I have had nothing but trouble. Belts and bearings loosened!

Help Please

You probably have plastic residue on the tip of the nozzle. Heat the nozzle to polycarbonate temps and vigorously scrub the nozzle with green scotchbrite. Also, make sure the corner washers are clean.

(and DO NOT use metal brushes or tools! If you do, YOU WILL short out the wires, and blow your main circuit board inside the machine. So avoid the temptation, stick with non-metallic brushes and scrubbing pads.)

Yes—keeping your schnozzle and washers clean is good maintenance. Thanks for taking time to help. Turns out the problem was a troubled connector pin. The red ground wire (attaches to extruder heat sink) was not mating with it’s partner! With magnifying glass and tweezers the pin was realigned and problem solved. (:-)>

Glad you got it going again!