Problem selecting objects in Cura

I’ve had on and off issues where Cura won’t allow me to select different objects (it stays selected on the first I bring into the program, and the rest I cannot reposition unless I use the first object to "bump’ the other ones around).

I’ve found a solution in my case, and thought I would share it with others, in case it helps.

  1. I use multiple machines (one machine controls two Lulzbot Minis, the second controls a third).
  2. I control the second machine with the first via Windows Remote Desktop at all times due to desk space.
  3. I often control the first machine with RDP from an entirely different machine(s).
  4. If I start Cura while controlling a machine with RDP, then it has the issue described above. If I start it while directly typing on the machine Cura is running on, then it works fine. (This is obviously an issue for the second machine with one LB Mini on it.)
  5. Use TightVNC instead of RDP to take over a machine and to start Cura. After that, RDP works fine to control it.

So in a nutshell, if you start Cura while controlling the PC with RDP, then the problem with Cura happens often. If you start Cura locally on a machine or while controlling it with TightVNC, then Cura works fine for selecting and moving multiple objects around.

Hope that helps some people.