Problem with radii in z-axis


I’m trying to print a mount for a cyclometer and I’m having a hard time getting good finish with radii when they are printed from bottom to top (overhanging). Here’s a picture that illustrates what I mean, I used default support materials options, printer is an AO-101in a custom enclosure.

That’s a rather thin overhang, so active cooling may help things solidify. What material are you using? You may want to try using the auto-support profiles from if active cooling does not give you a crisp enough result.

I’m printing with abs and was using the slic3r config file “fine with support”.

Yeah I made the part of bit thicker at the overhang but didn’t have time to reprint it. But I noticed printing this type of overhangs is always problematic.

I thought using cooling was mostly for PLA ?


Some prints need to be cooled, before the next layer is placed. With that thin overhang, it will be problematic. You may want to move to the medium profile, and increase the infill density a bit. You typically want to print fast enough that the nozzle isn’t causing warping due to the radiant heat from it, yet slow enough that each layer cools completely before the next layer is deposited. You’ll have a clean overhang if you print with the Medium, autosupport profile.

Thanks Orias, I finally got a successful print, but still not perfect.

By the way, the “medium file with support” seems to contain some errors. The layer height is 0.4 instead of 0.22, support material is not on …

Anyway, I used the file medium support off, and decreased layer height to 0.2 instead of 0.22. I have no fan, so no active cooling, infill of 60%. The radius indicated by the blue arrow still needs work …

You’re absolutely right! It looks like when that profile was updated, it was overwritten by a default, first-run Slic3r configuration. We’re updating it now and will have the configuration file live on site shortly.