Problems printing wide parts

Hey all,

I recently upgraded the hotend to print with 1.75mm, and I’ve noticed that I am unable to print a wide part for my bb-8. Everything smaller comes out beautifully.

The part I’m failing to get won’t print the screw holes, and it looks like the left side of the printer the nozzle is too high. Now I know it’s even, I use a dial indicator to make sure it’s level

Any thoughts?


Post pictures so we can see what you are talking about.

That sounds like a model issue… link to the original STL or post the gcode?

A picture would definitely help also.

Whoops! Double post

Here is a picture of the issue I’m having with the screw holes. I can’t link to the model it’s part of the bb8 builders club

It looks to me like the nozzle is too close to the bed… The sign is the wide flat initial extrusion. The partially formed screw holes is from the filament building enough pressure to push the nozzle from the bed. Sort of like squeezing a toothpaste tube while the opening is flat against the countertop.

Try a CCW quarter turn of the Z-endstop.

Or to test in software (since your other parts were okay), use the Z-Offset in your slicing software… give it .1 - .2. In Cura, look under “Machine Settings”.