Problems with bumb sense and x axis belt tension after switch to Pro Dual Extruder

I switched my Taz Pro from a M175 V2 tool head to the pro dual tool head today. After following the instructions and updating the firmware. I am now having the issue where the bump sense for the x axis. It is homing the tool head out immediately when homing and setting the middle of the gantry as the -22mm home point. The other issue I have been having is that the belt tension now seems to be off. When the printer accelerates at the beginning of the print the belt skips on the extruder (possibly due to the increase in tool head weight?), I have tried tightening it but then the x motor binds up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The bump sense is easily changed in the Taz Pro’s menu. Lowest is +63, Highest is -64. If you’re used to bump sense settings w/TMC drivers, which have lowest at 0 and highest at 255, it can easily screw you up.

Is it the belt slipping, or the gear on the stepper driver slipping due to one of the set screws loose?

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The belt was slipping. I was able to fix the issue by increasing stepper motor current for the x stepper motor. I’m unsure if this is the best fix though.

If the motor was missing steps, increasing current is a decent fix, but if the belt was slipping on the gear, this isn’t exactly a fix. You’d have to tighten the belt a tooth at a time and test to fix a loose belt.

Visually, it can be hard to see if it’s slipping belt or motor missing steps. You can check if it’s the belt slipping or missing steps by just putting a registration mark on the gear and belt with a little white paint. They should always remain aligned unless the belt slips. Now, if they remain aligned and you’re still missing steps, that’s usually a stepper motor issue.