pronterface/printrun on Win8.1?


I am trying to install and use pronterface/printrun on Win8.1 on a new HP Pavilion10 Notebook PC.

Despite finding an article titled something like“Foolproof, from-scratch Installation of printrun on Win8.1” and following the instructions— Total Fail. No communications between the app and the printer. But first, I downloaded the latest printrun for Win from

The article at

implies that this package takes care of all the python prerequisites. But it doesn’t seem to.

Searching for more information, Google gives me results all over the map, so I’ll ask directly here:

Q1: Where might I find an article like “REALLY, TOTALLY Foolproof Installation of printrun on Win8.1?”

Well… actually I should have asked first:

Q2: As of 1 September 2014, Is printrun known to work on Win8.1?

Bonus questions:

Q3: I’m trying this because I’ve been told that Pronterface development is generally much better (more complete, more up-to-date) on Win than on other platforms… True?

Q4: Although I’m asking for a cookbook install, I’ve got a s/w background and a long history with Windows, and I’m curious: if there ARE problems with printrun on Win8.1 what are they, briefly?


You shouldn’t be running into many issues installing printun. We have a standalone version available at If you’d like live help, you can reach us at 970-377-1111, x610




Problem solved. A missing driver. See here:

I think it is usual for s/w distis to install or at least include all directly necessary drivers, but in this case, you need to know about this driver, find it yourself, and manually install it.



In our quickstart guide, we point people to the full User Manual, which goes into greater depth on installing the drivers, but also has more information on Printrun and the various other software options. We can certainly add a check in the quickstart guide though!