Quadcopter 250mm FPV chassis 3D print

We printed these quadcopter FPV racing chassis on a TAZ 5 using a prototype Inova filament from local http://www.chromastrandlabs.com with an Eastman Amphora base. Similar to Lulzbot n-vent and colorfabb XT- note the Lulzbot green :wink: The covers were printed without support, check out the great bridging on the underside!
No print tuning needed, just stock CURA 17.10 quick print settings with 20% infill.
The chassis are reasonably stiff, and filament should make them quite impact resistant- I’ve crash tested a tri-copter I’ve built previously.
The TAZ’s great build volume means you can print the chassis and cover together!
More info on the chassis http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2534812

Great prints again ITW. What sort of time did it take to print off a chassis? I really like the green as well.

The green should be available very soon from Lulzbot and ourselves as Chroma Strand Labs “Inova”- You may have noticed Inova was added to Cura 18.
On high quality, the frame and hood together are around 20 hours. The frame alone is about 15 hours.