Question for someone who has a mini - How far does the nozzle wiper stick up above the bed surface?

Hi there, I’m working on my Taz mini way wiper adaptor of doom ( and it occurs to me I don’t actually know how far the mini nozzle wiper normally sticks up above the bed. Right now I think I might be too low with only 2mm protruding. Can some kind and bored soul measure the amount it sticks up on their Mini and let me know where the Taz retrofit should be at? Thank you in advance!


The wiper gets pushed down over time, so you are likely going to get different responses. When I flipped my wiper over it was flush with the top of the printed holder, now its about 1-2 mm below the top. Not sure how this is relative to bed height. To get more responses, maybe you can clarify your question a bit more as to why you want to know this.

I specifically want to know how far the printed holder sticks up above the surface of the bed. So I can make my TAZ printed holder retrofit thingy stick up far enough that it engages the nozzle properly. I can probably just eyeball it and guess, but I’d kind of like to match the stock mini height if I can, which means I may need to alter the design of my modification part. for the Taz bed. I think I have it too low right now, but I’m not sure how much too low it is.

The measured height of the black plastic mount for the mini is 11.84mm along the trough that holds the fiber, and 13.24mm at the very ends of the trough. The CAD file shows 13mm for the ends of the trough and 12mm for the sides of the trough:

The bed corner is made of flexible filament, and is 4mm thick, but probably gets compressed a little. There is a little nub directly under the glass that is 0.99mm high on 3 mm base:

Both the wiper trough and bed corners sit flush on the same aluminum plate.

So the difference between the bottom of the glass plate and the top of the wiper trough is probably between 7.5 and 8mm. I’m printing right now so can’t measure the glass/PEI sheet, but I’d suspect that whatever you have on hand would be close enough – subtract that from this figure and you should be good to go.

That should get me close enough, Thanks!

Well since the printer has to go to the home position to know where the nozzle is. (X0,Y0,Z0). I would think if the top of the wiper is above Z0 by at least .5M(the amount the nozzle plunges into the wiper) anything above that would work fine. Then it is just a matter of making the gcode wiper routine perform the same movements as the Mini routine.

I get 5.6 mm above the bed surface for the taller end pieces and 4.6mm for the center wiper section. Measured with a caliper.

Perfect, thanks!

I got 4.25mm for the lower section with calipers. And about 1mm where the nozzle had wiped, with respect to the long lower walls (not the taller ends).

I got 4.222mm by the 3d model of the mini that I am building – see the thread in – so your 4.25mm measurement makes me feel pretty good about the quality of my model.

If you’d like to view or download the model (still a work in progress), it’s available here:

looks like this when I give it about 9 hours to render:

It fit just fine, Thanks for all the help!