Question to those who have upgraded to linear bearings


I am curious about others who have upgraded to MISUMI (or equivalent) linear bearings instead of the polymer bushing/bearing on the TAZ5. I did a mod to replace the X-axis rods/bearings with 12mm, in an attempt to stiffen things to printer at higher speeds. The Y-axis is still 10mm. Not sure this was worth all the trouble.

The top surface or prints (and wide first layers) seem to not be as smooth. Each “line” has a sort of ripple pattern to it, down the length of the line. I had a couple thoughts. 1) This is new vibration caused by the engagement of the ball bearings as they contact the rod. 2) Newer firmware 1.1.5+ (on 1.1.9.x) have an issue with the stepper current causing the vibration (far out there I know, just a theory).

I just downgraded to 2015Q3 firmware which the printer came with (testing) and still noticing the “pattern”. So it rules out the stepper current theory.

Do others with these bearings notice the layer smoothness is not as great? I have checked all the alignments I can think of. (frame, belt clamps, stepper pulley, idler).

I have seen the same surface patterns on my Taz 2 when I switched it to hardened rods and metal bearings. The best improvement you can give the Taz is the openbuilds upgrades by piercet on this forum. Just search openbuilds to find his post about the upgrades.